Change it up

Sunlite Exteriors is delighted to dramatically change the look of your home with new siding. We provide the materials and services needed to install, repair and replace your home's siding making it curb appeal, durable and energy efficient.


Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has become one of the most popular types of siding used today. Available in many different colors, you can literally change the entire look of your home in a matter of days. The reason it is so popular is that once installed, it needs practically no maintenance. If you find your siding becomes soiled, simply wash it with a garden hose. Vinyl siding looks great and is long lasting.
Let our siding professionals at Sunlite Exteriors help you choose the appropriate vinyl siding style and accessories for your home.


Hardi Siding

Hardi Sliding

Hardi siding is engineered specifically for our local climate and offers trims, lap siding, shingles, weather barriers, vertical panels, and soffit panels for your entire home. Hardi’s large color palette will allow you to transform your home's exterior and increase its value.
Hardi Siding materials are also High Velocity Hurricane Zone approved; additionally, they provide structural security. In fact it is so durable that it out performs vinyl and wood materials in fire tests. 


Wood Siding


Pine Wood Siding Pine
Cedar Cedar
Redwood Siding Redwood
Cypress Cypress


Wood siding makes a home look warm and inviting. It is available in shingles, shakes and boards. Wood siding add s a natural look to your home's exterior. This siding can be stained and transformed to match your home's environment and act as a natural barrier to weather, heat and cold. Another factor to consider when choosing wood siding is that it must be periodically sealed and maintained over its lifetime to ensure longevity.
Although wood siding has its benefits, here are some things to consider when choosing wood siding:

Pine: Must be sealed to ensure longevity. However, because it is a soft wood (Spruce or Fir), it can be relatively inexpensive.

Cedar: Rich character and is probably the most popular species used for wood siding. It resists swelling and doesn’t cup or split as easily as Pine.

Redwood: Good for all climates and is naturally pest resistant.

Cypress: Popular in the South Coastal region of the United States. Cypress is extremely durable, has great resistance to insects and can last 50 years or more.