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Replacement Windows in Friendswood

At Sunlite Exteriors we proudly install Simonton Windows in Friendswood homes and businesses, because we believe that our clients deserve the best windows available.

Sunlite Exteriors has been servicing our Friendswood for 30 years.  We take pride in our quality workmanship, customer service, and integrity.  Our replacement windows in Friendswood offer variety, function and aesthetics.

Varieties of House Windows in Friendswood

There are many different varieties of windows to enhance the look of your home—indoors and out.
Choose from Bay or Bow windows, Casement or Colonial Casement windows, 2-Lite or 3-Lite windows, Awning or Transom windows, Garden Door or Patio Door windows, Hopper, Geometric, Fixed Unit, Sidelite, Double Hung…and more.

Our experts will help you pick the window in Friendswood that's right for you!

Energy Efficient Windows in Friendswood

If you want to conserve energy and money, Energy Efficient windows in Friendswood are the perfect choice!
  • Laminated Glass coats the glass panes with an interlayer, that keeps energy in and the noise out.
  • Glass Coatings provides thermal protection, using a transparent metallic oxide coating.
  • Spacer Systems reduces temperature transfer with thermally prohibitive materials inserted between the glass panes.
  • Super Spacer Systems offers energy efficiency using silicone foam.
  • Intercept Spacer System reduces transference with its U-shape that expands and contracts to curtail seal failure.
  • Gas Fill between panes avoids conveyance, using odorless, non-toxic Aragon gas.
  • Premium Vinyl surpasses aluminum, steel, and stainless steel with its thermal properties that make it a superior choice.

Adding New Replacement Windows in Friendswood

Adding new windows in Friendswood can enhance the beauty and overall value of your home.  It can add the appearance of spaciousness to a smaller room, brighten a dimly lit room, shape the overall design of a room, and open up to the breezes and views outdoors.    

Sunlite Exterior’s specialists are here to insure your home improvement projects run smoothly. 

We make your windows in Friendswood OUR PRIORITY. 

Please call Sunlite Exteriors today for a free estimate!  Let us help you choose the best look for your home and budget!
Home Owned, Home Grown!