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Sunlite Exteriors is a Houston based company specializing in exterior remodeling giving your homes a better look while making them energy efficient. Our crews are all professionally trained with years of experience in Exterior Remodeling.



The company was founded by Robert Camp (Bob) whom at a young age began learning from his father, about exterior remodeling. Bob slowly became passionate about the industry and dedicated himself to learning all the details entailed in becoming the successful entrepeuner that he is today.When Bob started the company, he would personally go looking for customers by knocking at their doors, bidded the job himself, and built the roofs by himself. Now, 30 years later, Bob has a prestigious business  that is based on exceptional customer service and quality work, in conjuction with magnificent customer referrals.



Today, Robert Camp continues to involve himself in the business offering an Insured and Bonded Company for his customers' protection and peace of mind. 



Our philosophy: At Sunlite Exteriors we commit to continue to provide great customer service and quality work for our customers at an affordable price.




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